Customer Testimonials

Tricia Brown~Nystrom’s sessions are characterized by her gentleness and willingness to put the Universe’s agenda ahead of her own.  These qualities were instrumental in helping me see truth and light at a tumultuous and chaotic time in my life.  Spiritual Direction set my heart on a path of healing that I might not have found on my own.  I not only think that Spiritual Direction is something every one should try, but I also think they should have a session with Tricia. ~ C, musician and computer engineer

“Tricia came into my life when I thought I had everything in my spiritual journey “figured out”.  Although I didn’t realize it, my inner relationship with God had become a very one dimensional (non)experience that hid behind colorful outward expressions. I lacked the potency of being honest with my family, friends and even myself.  Tricia knew how to ask just the right questions that helped to awaken my desire to discover the deeply personal spiritual journey that was waiting for me.  I began to learn how to embrace questions, process, silence and stillness.

Now, as a long distance client, my spiritual direction sessions have become even richer as Tricia has found ways to make our virtual time together to be profoundly meaningful and intimate.  She works around my busy school schedule and family life and helps me to seek balance in it all.  Tricia has become a dear friend on my sacred journey and I am forever grateful.

If you are someone looking to explore your personal faith relationship or just someone who is intrigued by mystery, I invite you to let Tricia be your guide!” ~  owner of kickboxing franchise

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