The best ways to get ready for your Spiritual Direction appointment.

  “What do I need to do to get ready for my Spiritual Direction appointment??”

Simple answer… show up.  For in person appointments your spiritual director will have most everything in order so all you need to do is walk through the door.  For my in-person visits I have a candle, a Bible, bottles of water, a notepad,  and pens and pencils for my clients to use.  The sound machine is whirling away distorting any unwanted interruptions.  Before you get there I have already  fiddled with lights and temperatures… sometime I have a nice fire crackling in the fireplace.  I strive to make a comfortable safe atmosphere.  Then we can concentrate on being with God and each other.

Clients who are going to their first appointment I would suggest having any questions  you have about spiritual direction and your director jotted down on paper.  Your director may ask you to tell a bit about yourself, faith practice or spiritual walk.  If you don’t have a practice  to share… don’t worry… lots of people don’t.  Some spiritual directors will send you some on boarding paperwork to fill out.  First appointments are often about getting to know each other through conversation and questions and answer. Usually a first appointment ends with a mini-session.

With modern technology we get the luxury of being connected regardless of time and space.  I have clients all over the world and we get to meet through FaceTime and Zoom. With this opportunity comes some responsibility for you. People ask me what can they do to make their appointment even more special. First things first you don’t need anything at all… we can have appointments with little to no special things. I meet with people who are in their office or in their car. God is everywhere. But here is a short list of things I have put together to make it simple for those of you who want to make a special box of things you use just for your  online spiritual direction appointments.

A lovely soy candle
Salt candle votive
beeswax tea lights


small tripod

tripod with selfie stick

phone clamp (I use this most)


teal journal (other colors available)

simple wrap journal

journal and pen

unlined journal

Do Not Disturb Signs:

Door knob black and gold

humorous  sign


Sound Machine:

Dohn Machine (I own many of these for years)

Sound Machine



palm cross

prayer beads

prayer stones

communion cup and set