Tricia Brown~Nystrom

For a decade Tricia Brown~Nystrom has been creating safe spaces for people’s spiritual stories and highlighting how they intersect with God’s story.   She believes in making the Holy attainable for everyone, every single day.  She has helped people to expand their concepts of spirituality beyond the parameters of a Sunday experience.  Years of speaking  and writing on, deepening  faith practices in a modern age, creativity, and intimacy  at conferences and schools had left Tricia feeling she could do more to make spiritual direction accessible in the twenty-first century.

Shepherding and art have long provided Tricia a connection to the Holy throughout her life.  Her unique take on spiritual direction for both groups and private confidential one-on-one  is designed to facilitate  the same connection in people’s fast paced lives. Regardless of whether you are in a place of change or looking for it, Tricia Brown~Nystrom would be honored to sit alongside  you in spiritual direction.





“Tricia has an amazing gift for helping people see what God is actually doing in their lives.  She has helped me embrace the quiet and slow processes of God, which was crucial in me rebuilding my faith after a crisis”~minister and author